Why the Innorel Carbon Fibre Tripod is the Best Tripod Ever

What’s made from carbon and aluminum and can hold 175 lbs. While nearly doing the splits?

April 8, 2021
Product Review
Video Production

The best tripod ever. The Innorel Carbon Fibre Tripod.

We discovered this tripod the hard way. We purchased an Edelkrone Slider and we were excited to use it, but then we realized none of our tripods were strong enough to support its weight as it extended on the track. Our tripods literally bent from the weight...before tipping over.

As we researched high quality tripods, we realized that most were well beyond our budget.

That is, until we discovered Jason’s review of the Innorel Carbon Fibre Tripod. In his review video, he literally hung from the tripod. It could support 200 lbs weight, and our jaws dropped at the price. Only $422 CDN.

To us, this tripod was manufactured by a seemingly random brand distributed over Amazon. But we were so impressed with Jason’s incredible testimony, we gave it a shot.

As you can tell by the title of this post, it was a big win. And here are four reasons that sealed the deal:

1. Strong and sturdy.

Made from carbon and aluminum with hardly any plastic, you can feel the sturdiness of this tripod. Watch our video below for a demonstration of just how strong it is.

2. Affordable.
Most of the well-known name brand tripods are at least double the price of the Innorel. We much prefer having an extra $500 to put toward other gear.

3. Lightweight and portable.

Weighing only 6.3 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight and portable for the weight it can bear. It also comes with a durable travel bag, making it the perfect addition for the kit to take to any shoot.

4. Fully adjustable .
The adjustment knobs are strong and secure, and the legs can extend extremely wide. It doesn’t tip when the slider reaches its farthest range. It also comes with an additional ball head so you can adjust the angle of your camera.

If you're interested in picking up one of these tripods for yourself, you can find it here!

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