How to Explode Your Pinterest Audience

In recent years, Pinterest’s number of users has skyrocketed, making it the ideal marketing platform for individuals to promote their businesses.

October 27, 2021
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Given the unique algorithm that Pinterest abides by, however, many are having issues figuring out how to efficiently promote themselves.

Much of the reason behind this is the fact that Pinterest simply isn’t built like other social media sites. Rather, it’s designed like a search engine, which means it has its own set of rules for promoting content.

Here’s how you can master the Pinterest algorithm on your own and explode your business:

How Does Pinterest Work?

As you may have gathered from this article already, Pinterest’s algorithm much more closely resembles Google’s than it does Facebook or Instagram. This is because Pinterest is technically a search engine—albeit one that is more suggestive than search-oriented.

Rather, the primary things that Pinterest takes into account when determining whose content to promote and whose to ignore are frequency of posting, times posted, and content value.

How Can I Make the Pinterest Algorithm Work for Me?

Making the Pinterest algorithm work for you instead of against you may seem like a tall order, but we promise it isn’t. It’s actually one of the easiest social media algorithms to manipulate!

With Pinterest, the biggest factor is consistency. They want to see that you’re posting roughly the same amount of pins per day at around the same times. Naturally, more pins will get you more views, but that matters much less than the consistency itself.

We do, however, recognize that posting your own pins at prespecified times of the day every day can be difficult to juggle. After all, no one’s schedule is exactly the same from day to day.

For this reason, we recommend Tailwind to help you out.

Tailwind is an app that essentially works as your own personal social media manager— it schedules and posts your pins for you, allowing you to spend more time ensuring your content meets the Pinterest standard and creating clickable pins.

Additionally, we also recommend posting a good combination of your own pins and reposts from others so that Pinterest recognizes you as being active in the community. Other things you can do to really bolster your position in the algorithm is to transition to a Pinterest business account, join group boards, and follow people in your niche.

Combined, all of these factors work together to explode your Pinterest audience, which can then easily be converted into sales or readers for your personal website.

All in all, Pinterest is a pretty easy site to master. By following the rules and suggestions outlined in this article, you can easily take a brand new account with 0 monthly viewers and pump that number up to 10,000 within 5-6 weeks (we know because we’ve seen it happen.)

If you’re interested in our social media management services and want to see what we can do for you, feel free to contact us and schedule a free 30-minute consultation and brainstorming session.

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