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Prolex Media is a collective of dedicated brand builders and creative storytellers.

We specialize in strategic marketing that encompasses commercial videography, photography, branding, web development, social media, and more.

We’re a positive influence through our work and to each other.

Prolex Media is a fun ensemble team that takes creative projects seriously to deliver work that makes us and our clients proud.

We help round out each others’ skill sets and challenge ourselves to take ideas to the next level. We believe that building each other up is the best way to propel our team forward

What we value in a teammate

Whether diving deep in a brainstorm or racing the clock to wrap up a shoot, we often work under pressure. But with the right team, pressure often squeezes out the best work. And that’s why we value the following in a teammate:


You’re hungry to earn experience, play a key role in a creative team, and develop marketing that gets noticed—and gets results.


Your enthusiasm and positive energy are infectious. You’re always keen to bring fresh ideas to the table (but never your ego).


You’re a ‘big ideas’ thinker, yet detailed and organized when it comes to project and time management.


You work hard, communicate clearly, and smile under pressure. You love to work hard for the greater good and win as a team.

What’s in it for you?

Aside from the obvious glory, pride, and gratitude you’ll feel accomplishing amazing projects with a tight-knit team of like-minded creatives, there a few other perks and benefits we should mention:

Career growth.

We hire you for your talent—not just for the job—so you can learn and grow with us beyond the role you're hired for to prime you for long-term career success.

Comfy dress code.

Dress codes don't apply here: being comfortable so you can focus on doing great work is what’s important.

Creative environment.

You’ll work in a dynamic work environment where your ideas and contributions are more than welcomed, valued, and respected.

Supportive management

Our leadership is committed to upholding the highest standards of diversity and inclusivity and helping our team members reach their potential.

Technical innovation

We favour experimentation and an iterative approach in order to achieve the highest form of technical innovation.

Does this sound like your dream job? Do you think you fit the bill? Then what are you waiting for?! Apply for one of the positions listed below.

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And if there aren’t any, apply anyway at! We’re always on the lookout for creative talent that shares our ambitious and cooperative creative philosophy.