Our 5 Favourite Outdoor Summer Shoots

July 2, 2021

In celebration of summer and outdoor shooting season, we share our five top summer outdoor shoots.

We’ve passed the summer solstice and the ambiguous Winnipeg climate has finally settled on some consistent summer weather. This means higher temperatures, longer days, and--most importantly--a lot more outdoor shoots!

As we gear into outdoor shoot season with full enthusiasm and momentum, we are also reminded of past summer shoots we are proud of. As we cherish the memories we made in summers past, we thought we would share some of our five favourite outdoor shoots.

1. Prolex Media - “One-Hour Photography Challenges” (2020)

These intense creative challenges connected us with some talented local creatives and allowed them to flex their creative muscles under the pressure of a one-hour time limit. The premise: our challenger would be given a random item to develop a concept, shoot, edit, and submit a creation within one hour! This almost always had us running around the city getting to witness a creative mind at work.

Here’s one example contributed by Austin Bell, Prolex’s cinematographer and editor:

Interested in seeing more submissions from our one-hour photo challenges? Check out Prolex Media’s One-Hour Challenge playlist on YouTube.

2. Manitoba Underdogs Rescue - “Finding Noble a Home” (2019)

We were asked to help create a video that could help spread the word about a rescue pup named Noble. This was a great opportunity to work with an organization that had, for lack of a better word, a Noble cause. It was gratifying to work with these loving and caring people and also help this strong pupper find a home!

3. Any sort of car photography

Car photography is our favourite excuse to get outside and create. We get to explore new places while pushing our creativity to capture captivating photos of impressive vehicles in motion.

4. Jim Gauthier Chevrolet - “Silverado Date Night” (2020)

This was a fun evening out making a goofy video for our friends at Jim Gauthier Chev! This project was a real turning point for our approach to their videos: it set the tone for a style of humour we get to play with every time we work on a video for Gauthier Chevrolet!

5. Prolex Media - “Happy Canada Day” Video (2019)

In 2019, we produced a fun Canada Day video that had us try to experience and capture as many Canadian activities as possible. The shooting lasted from winter to summer, and featured Prolex founder Alex testing his skills at sledding, snowshoeing, curling, canoeing, hiking, hockey, and more. This was a fun project that had us outside all the time throughout three seasons.

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