How To Make a Small Office Functional for Multipurpose

You’ll find no cubicles at Prolex Media’s headquarters in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.

May 27, 2021
Small business

Our shared office space is conducive to our fast-paced creative environment: it not only promotes collaboration and opens communication within our tight-knit team, but also offers a versatile setting that can adapt to the ever-changing requirements for our work. Within a few minutes, our office can be made ready to cater to strategic planning sessions, creative brainstorms, photoshoots, media production, and everything in between.

As we eye up future renovation plans (there’s nothing quite as satisfying as knocking down a wall!), for the time being our team has to work within the physical limitations of our 595-square-foot space. Fortunately, it seems our knack for finding creative problem-solving goes beyond marketing and can even apply to functional feng shui.  

We don’t plan to include interior design consultation in our service offering any time soon, but here are a few ideas we’ve implemented to make the most of our space. We hope you find some of these tips useful for your own team’s work environment!

1. Workspaces on wheels.

Our main work tables are on wheels and can be moved around anywhere in the room whenever we need. This not only allows us to quickly and easily rearrange our workspace, or make room for photo and video shoots, brainstorm sessions, meetings and more.

2. Photogenic walls.

With the pull of a string our office turns into a photo studio. That’s because we installed three coloured backdrops that can be pulled over the brick wall. This gives us plenty of options for photoshoots and portraits, and also provides a neutral background for projections, or photo and film experimentation.

3. Pooled power supply.

If you have ever caught a glimpse of all the gear and tech we use at Prolex Media, you’ll understand why a reliable power source is crucial for our headquarters. Shockingly, we never have to fight for open outlet spots to charge up our phones and gear. That’s because our main work table has attached power and USB outlets to make charging up efficient, easy, and communal.

Added outlet to existing workspace.

4. Crafty kitchenette.

A full kitchen would take precious space away from our creative activities, which is why we built a fully functional kitchen. Featuring a mini fridge, snack drawers, dishes, cutlery, and more, we sourced most of these lunchtime essentials from IKEA for under $1,000.

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