Gear Review: edelkrone SliderPLUS v5

We share the pros and cons of our first slider shoot

December 8, 2020
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Back in October, we were very excited to try out our new edelkrone SliderPLUS v5 PRO Long for the first time. We did so while shooting a review video of the Audi SQ7 for Winnipeg Audi. In this post, we share a review of our first experience using the new slider for this Audi shoot.

The edelkrone SliderPLUS is described as “the first slider in the world that combines portable size with long camera travel,” and that is “truly magical as a standalone slider and even more so with its revolutionary motion control add-ons.” 

Fitting in a backpack, the slider is definitely portable -- and we were ready to put the long camera travel and revolutionary motion control to the test through some dynamic detail shots of the Audi SQ7.

The Equipment

To get the full experience, we paired the SliderPLUS v5 Pro Long with the following add-ons:

  • Slide Module v3:  This motorized add-on can be attached to all SliderPLUS models to achieve stable slides or to program motion time-lapse and stop motion videos.

  • HeadPLUS: The HeadPLUS is a motorized pan and tilt head with an optional Focus Add-on. It includes smart object tracking with auto focusing and wireless connectivity with edelkrone motorized Sliders and Dollies.

  • INNOREL RT90C Heavy Duty Camera Stand: While this piece of equipment isn’t manufactured by edelkrone, we thought this carbon fibre tripod by Innorel Technologies was still worth mentioning. It is an incredibly durable and practical piece of equipment for the price we paid, and can even support the weight of our Content Creator, Jordan.

The Advantages

We loved how small it is compared to most sliders, but also doubles in slide length on a tripod because of the innovative design:

Look at the full length of movement!

The Drawbacks

As great as it is, there are a couple improvements the SliderPLUS could benefit from. First off, we wish it moved faster: the speed of the slider itself can limit the effect and excitement of your shots.

We also had some issues with the edelkrone App—it kept disconnecting, so we had to restart the App and reconnect with the slider in between every shot. In hindsight, we would probably have purchased the compatible remote for the Slide Module a rather than using the app. Perhaps there would have been less connectivity issues. 

In addition, the motor tension (mainly on the HeaPLUS) would often loosen after a few shots and need to be retightened. Between the App issues and adjustments, these slowed down the shoot quite  a bit.

Final Judgement:

In the end, the resulting footage was some of the smoothest we’ve ever gotten during a vehicle shoot. Despite our first-time frustrations, we think the edelkrone SliderPLUS v5 was definitely worth the price tag and. Once we work out all the kinks, we believe this will continue to be an essential piece of gear in our arsenal.

Want to see the finished video? Check out our SQ7 video for Winnipeg Audi.

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