Five reasons your business needs social media presence.

No matter the size of your business, social media presence is essential for your marketing strategy.

July 1, 2020
Social Media
Digital Marketing

Using the right social media platforms for your business—such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube —allows you to connect with existing and prospective customers, increase awareness of your brand and generate leads and sales

According to Online Business Canada’s 2019 report, 61% of Canadians engage on social media every single day. That means more than half the country is online and available to convert into prospective customers throughout different platforms.

To use social media most effectively, it does require some research, strategy and planning—but a lack of knowledge or experience is no reason to hold you back from getting started. Just getting on the right platforms to have a presence is an easy—and fun—first step you can take.

Here are five key reasons your business will benefit from getting on social media:

  1. Grow awareness of your business just by being there.

People can’t become your customers if they don’t know about you. Creating your business profiles on major social media platforms is a quick, free, and relatively easy way to increase your visibility with potential customers. For most platforms, you can build a business profile with your logo, a few photos, a short description of your business, and your contact information.

  1. Show what you know to earn customer confidence.

More than ever, customers are researching which businesses they would prefer to use by searching your website or social media. Think of it as a “business background check”. By having relevant, informative content on your platforms that showcases your knowledge about what your business offers, prospective customers will have more confidence in you over a business that has nothing to show.

  1. Add that personal touch.

Everyone in business knows that building personal connections is crucial to establishing a loyal customer base. Different social media platforms offer unique ways for businesses to show off their personality. Think of how you would speak to and interact with a customer—and that personal touch can be transferred to your social media content through the tone you write in and the experience you offer.

  1. Connect with your customers.

Through comments, messenger chat, or testimonial reviews, different platforms allow your customers to connect with you. Think of social media platforms as the new, 24-hour customer service line. This allows you to quickly and easily provide support to them when they need, receive feedback or simply learn more about them. It’s important to always respond in a timely, caring manner.

  1. Get more bang for your buck reaching new customers.

Compared to traditional media, social media marketing is a much more affordable way to reach new people—and you can target your audience specifically and know your exact return on investment, while learning many other insights along the way.

Now that you know how beneficial a simple social media presence can be for your business, why not get started today and create your profile to engage your customers? And if you need help refining your strategy or creating content, you can contact Prolex Media to help you out.

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