6 Qualities to Look for in a Social Media Manager

The realm of social media can make or break a brand, so we’ve outlined the six qualities we believe are most crucial for a social media manager.

August 26, 2021
Social Media
Digital Marketing

A social media manager is a crucial addition to any marketing team. Wearing many hats on any given day, the social media manager works in fast-paced conditions under the constant pressure to earn engagement, maintain customer loyalty, and most importantly, deliver results for the business.

Whether you’re hiring someone to work in-house, or outsourcing to an experienced partner like Prolex Media, it’s crucial that you can fully trust and rely on your social media manager.

That’s why we’ve written this post to outline the top six qualities we feel are essential for a successful social media manager on your team.

1. Social media expertise

Social media managers must be able to bridge the gap between supporting customer needs and achieving business goals. It’s a role that requires strategic thinking to be able to see the big picture, but also the ability to act on a granular level to leverage and maintain every connection made.

2. Customer service experience

Social media channels are an important extension of your customer service. Rather than call a number or visit a physical location, a customer may simply send a message or leave a comment. Your social media manager must be patient, responsive, and resourceful to tend to a wide array of customer needs or complaints.

3. Creative copywriting skills

Through various platforms, your social media manager is the active voice of your brand. They must be able to write with a consistent brand voice and tone, creatively incorporate your key messaging, and adapt writing for any audience segment, mood, or context. This all may sound fairly serious, but most importantly, they must be able to write in a way that is fun, enjoyable, and engaging.

4. Organization and time management

Social media is the conversation that never sleeps, which is why incredible time management is necessary to efficiently plan and write while responding around the clock. While other team members may work nine-to-five, your social media manager is in a dynamic role that requires flexibility and agility.

5. Analytical skills

How do you know if your social media efforts are successful? Your social media manager will be able to interpret the analytical data and pull insights to show what’s working, what needs improvement, and where there are future opportunities. Presenting findings in reports with recommendations will allow your team to continue to hone your marketing efforts.

6. Cooperation

While your social media manager is in a unique, pivotal role, they often work with all members of the team: from requesting design for infographics and producing shareable videos to making landing page recommendations and pinpointing your audience demographics. As such, great cooperation and team communication skills (and a positive attitude!) will help keep your face-paced marketing train running smoothly on its tracks.

Prolex Media partners with brands we believe in from a variety of sectors to deliver comprehensive social media strategies and services. The qualities we’ve shared above are those that we bring to the table with every client we work with.

If you need a hand with social media management, training or quality content, please contact us today for a free half-hour consultation on all things social.

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