5 Tips to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

Learn how to grow your email list so your brand can benefit from this highly effective communication channel.

September 2, 2021

The age-old marketing adage is that it costs up to five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. This has much to do with the effort and cost it takes to reach and convert new customers, but primarily this because of the immense value earned from loyal long-term customers.

So how do you earn loyalty and continued business from your customers? By building relationships with them by offering true value and keeping them in the know. And email communication is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to achieve both these goals.

Email communication is one of the fastest ways to deliver information directly to your customers, and also boasts one of the highest returns on investments in marketing—up to “4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent” (Campaign Monitor, 70 Email Marketing Stats Every Marketer Should Know).

The more subscribers you have in your audience, the more potential ROI you can gain. And that begs the question: How do you get subscribers in the first place? In this post, we offer some simple yet effective tactics to help grow your email list.

1. Create an enticing opt-in form on your website.

Most email marketing platforms allow you to customize your email opt-in forms and embed them on your website. Make sure to use a catchy headline with a clear description of the value of your content, and make it simple to sign up by requiring only necessary contact information.

2. Use Facebook ads to reach your target audience.

Facebook ads allow you to target very specific audiences by demographic and psychographic traits. Your ad can then direct people to landing page that includes a pop-up form (see our post about creating effective landing pages).

3. Create different landing pages for different interests or targeted audience segments.

The more your landing pages cater to specific topics or audience segments defined in your ad groups, the more personal and valuable it will be for your audience. By adding relevant opt-in forms for each landing page, you’ll earn more sign-ups.

4. Include an email signup CTA on every channel.

Consider all the places subscriber prospects are already interacting with your brand, and place email signup opt-ins in strategic places. This could include your social media profile pages, in your company email signature, or in your YouTube video captions.

5. Analyze results to continually optimize your approaches.

Monitor your ad and email platform reports to gage your success, and learn about what is working and what isn’t by comparing factors like user experience, messaging, timing, or value-added content and promotions.

By incorporating all of these tactics into your email acquisition strategy alongside content your audience will get value from, we guarantee you will see growth in your subscriber list.

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