5 software services your small business needs to use

You don’t need expensive tools and technology or complex systems and infrastructure to streamline your business operations for more ease and efficiency.

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A software as a service (Sass) is a third-party provider that offers customers applications by hosting them on the internet. Whether personally or professionally, you likely use several SaaS applications already, such as Spotfy, Netflix or Dropbox. Essentially, SaaS companies offer a service through their online software.

Being a fast-paced, creative collective, Prolex Media simply couldn’t function without SasS and how they help us manage our operations and streamline our work—especially during the pandemic era when remote communication and collaboration has become the new norm.

In this post, we share five SaaS brands we couldn’t live without with the hopes that they can help you out too!

1) Trello - Project + Task Management

Trello is perhaps the most extensive project and task management platform for $0. The free version has worked perfectly for Prolex’s purposes. The “board and card” visual format and “drag and drop” user interface makes it incredibly easy to manage a team, set tasks and deadlines, build checklists, include attachments, and more. The ability to tag team members and comment with feedback makes Trello incredibly collaborative. 

[ Easy drag and drop feature ]

2) Pipedrive - Customer Relationship Management

Pipedrive is an amazing customer relationship management (CRM) service that is both very cost effective and very easy to navigate. It helps users visualize their sales processes and get more done. it has a nice visual element of your sales timeline so you know exactly which stage each lead is in. It also tracks all your calls and emails so you can be as detailed as you want to be. If you are the leader of the sales team, Pipedrive also makes it very easy to manage your sales force and stay on top of all of your team's leads and their progress with reaching their goals. 

[ More easy drag and drop ]

3) Later - Social Media Scheduling + Analytical Insights

Later is an awesome scheduling tool we use for our own and our clients’ social media. Later allows you to visually plan your social posts, publish automatically, and get tailored insights to help you reach more people. Our favourite thing about Later is their support: whenever we have questions or want to update our plan they are very quick to respond and help us resolve any issue we may run into.

[ We love our drag and drop ]

4) QuickBooks - Expenses + Accounting 

Quickbooks is the #1 online accounting software for a reason. It might be the best bang for your buck for expense-tracking and accounting software: you can track your mileage, link your bank account to ensure no business expense is missed, and even pay employees by integrating WagePoint. You can also add your accountant as a user so they have remote access to your expenses to improve accuracy and efficiency

[ Track everything your need all in one place ]

5) Wagepoint - Payroll + Tax Records

Wagepoint is a  business payroll online software that makes it easy to pay everyone and stay on top of your payroll taxes. With Wagepoint, you can send money directly to your employees’ bank accounts, give everyone online access to their pay details, pay contractors, and create and file your Records of Employment (ROEs). Wagepoint is a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and hassle-free way to handle your payroll, so you can focus on what your business does best. 

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We encourage you to look into these to boost your own team’s productivity!

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