5 essential elements for a successful brand launch

You only get one shot to make a good first impression.

November 21, 2020
Digital Marketing

Revealing your new brand is perhaps the most important milestone in your story. After all, your brand represents your promise to your customers. Done well, a brand launch is your opportunity to amplify that promise and move your business forward with a whole new momentum.

A brand reveal must be a well-coordinated event that makes a splash across all channels, including your social media, website, email and internal communications. Each piece must carry a consistent message, tone and delivery to generate a lasting impact greater than the sum of its parts. Whether you’re revealing a new visual identity or an entirely new name for your business, this is your chance to differentiate yourself with your story when all eyes are on you.

From a brand reveal video to an email announcement, you can amp up all your brand launch content by keeping the following elements top of mind.

  1. Pump up the excitement.
    Make your excitement infectious with positive, future-facing messaging that communicates a better experience for your customers and stakeholders. Use tangible examples wherever you can. Your customers should be inspired by the potential your new brand experience promises them.
  2. Set the tone.
    Think of how you want your customers to feel about the new brand, and use that to help set the tone you use to speak directly to them. Your tone should be celebratory and intentional to get your desired reaction. Imagine how you would speak to a customer face-to-face if you were explaining the beginning of an exciting new era with them.
  3. Explain the “why”.
    A rebrand is a huge strategic decision that takes months to plan, but despite your efforts some people are just naturally resistant to change. Think of what your customers’ current perception of your brand is, and share the benefits of the new brand with them from their perspective. Anticipate potential “why” questions and answer them with clear, consistent statements about how the new brand will improve your customers’ experience.
  4. Be clear as day.
    Whether sharing a new logo or a new name, make sure you explain some of the thought process and creative effort that went into the new brand to clarify the direction. The more your customers understand the rationale, the more they can appreciate it. And, like any great movie or story plotline, you should be able to provide your reasoning in a concise, clear way.
  5. Keep them wanting more.
    Remember, this is just the beginning. With a brand reveal, you are setting the stage for great things to come. Give your customers the information they need, but keep your communications succinct throughout all your content. Attention spans are short, so make sure you deliver your key messages concisely -- whether through a video, a website news post or an email. Focus on your brand promise, and then prove it through action going forward.

A brand launch requires an enormous amount of planning and effort, but it can also be one of the most rewarding accomplishments you can experience in business. Keeping the above tips in mind will help you develop brand launch content that engages, inspires and propels your brand forward.

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