4 tips for writing effective social posts

We share simple and straightforward tips for writing social posts to appeal and engage with your audience to build relationships and grow loyalty.

July 16, 2021
Social Media
Digital Marketing

Engaging with your target audience to earn brand awareness and loyalty are key reasons many businesses use various social media platforms.

The more your content appeals to your audience and gets engagement, the more likely the algorithms will favour your content, and the more likely more people will see your posts.

Quality really is more important than quantity. This is why it’s important to carefully consider each post you write and optimize it to encourage engagement.

In the following post, we provide five simple tips for writing social media posts for any platform that are sure to make your content more appealing and effective.

Even if you don’t have an established social media strategy, following these tips for each post you write will add value to your content and make it more accessible.

1. Know your audience and offer them value.

There is a lot of awesome branded content out there. That’s why you should always post to offer your target audience some sort of value. That means you need to thoroughly research your target audience and share content that is relevant to them. This means deeply understanding their interests and challenges and catering to their needs.

2. Speak your audience’s language with a consistent voice.

Another important aspect of knowing your audience is understanding their language and how they prefer to be communicated to. You wouldn’t write to business professionals or trades workers using the same voice as to teenagers or expectant mothers. Establishing your brand voice is a key component of your brand platform and personality.

Do comprehensive research about how your audience talks on social media platforms and in forums, and make notes about general personality qualities, phrasing, or terms and even slang that they use. This way, they will feel comfortable and understood when you communicate with them using their

own language. And once you establish a voice that works with a particular audience, stick with it consistently so it feels authentic and natural.

3. Keep it short n’ sweet and supplement with engaging media.

Your audience’s time is valuable, and there is an infinite amount of competition for it. This means you need to capture their attention quickly, offer true value for their time, and communicate what you need to share in a short, concise manner.

Use headings, bullets, and lists wherever possible and supplement your written content with engaging media like graphics, photos, or videos. Don’t try to cram everything into your post. Instead, link to additional content and information—this will also lead them closer to conversion for whatever you are selling or whichever action you desire them to take.

4. Ask your audience to take action and make it easy.

The best way to get people to do what you’d like them to do is to ask them with a short, polite prompt. Include a clear and simple call to action in each post, and make sure it still aligns with what you learned about their interests, challenges, and preferences.

For example, you may ask them a question to respond to in the comments section, like or share your post, follow your account, visit your website, participate in a contest, or learn more about what you offer. It’s important to be straightforward, but not pushy!

We hope you find these simple tips helpful in growing your engagement by better connecting with your followers. Feel free to follow Prolex Media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to witness this approach in practice and see with yourself if we’re worthy of your time and engagement!

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