4 Software Services Media Companies Can’t Live Without

Why spend a tonne of money or waste blood, sweat, and tears trying to acquire footage, music, sound effects, or software, when you can conveniently access what you need via online software services?

April 14, 2021
Product Review
Video Production

In a previous post, we discussed five software services we use that can greatly benefit the operations of any small business.

A software as a service (Sass) is a third-party provider that offers customers applications by hosting them on the internet. Whether personally or professionally, you likely use several SaaS applications already, such as Spotfy, Netflix or Dropbox. Essentially, SaaS companies offer a service through their online software.

Being a fast-paced, creative collective, Prolex Media simply couldn’t function without SasS and how they help us with endless tools and resources for our creative projects.

In this post, we share five SaaS brands we couldn’t live without with the hopes that they can help you out too!

1) Motion Array - Stock Video + Assets

Motion Array is a comprehensive resource for B-roll and is great for accessing a wide array of footage from places or contexts you otherwise wouldn't shoot yourself. As an all-in-one video and filmmaker platform, Motion Array allows you to take projects from concept to completion with unlimited asset downloads, exclusive plugins, video collaboration and review tools.

2) Artlist - Music Bed Tracks

Artlist is a great source for music bedtracks for our video and audio projects. When you download a song, the usage rights last a lifetime. This means you can have peace of mind without worry about contributors pulling their songs off the platform -- which means you could have to change music in your videos in the future or potentially have to pay for additional copyright claims.

3) Epidemic Sound - Sound Effects + Music

Epidemic Sound is an affordable subscription service that allows you to quickly and easily browse a huge library of sound effects and music to help your projects come to life. It’s easy to browse, offers unlimited downloads, and even provides a recommended music list. You also get a free first month trial with your sign up to test it out.

4) Later - Social Media Scheduling

Later is an awesome scheduling tool for our own and our clients’ social media platforms -- including Instagram. It has valuable analytical software to inform your best times to post. It also allows you to manage all of your content all in one place. Our favourite thing about Later is their support: whenever we have questions or want to update our plan they are super quick to respond and help us with any issues we may run into.

5) Adobe Creative Cloud - Various Creative Media Apps

Adobe Creative Cloud or Suite offers multiple customizable packages based on your creative needs. The photography package is fairly economic for the creative power you get from apps such as Photoshop and LightRoom.

We encourage you to look into these SaaS providers to get the most from your creative team!

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