4 Live Streaming Ideas to Boost Your Brand

More relevant than ever, live streaming is an important engagement tactic for any brand. In the post, we share some easy ideas to help your brand dive into the flow of live streaming.

May 13, 2021
Social Media
Digital Marketing

Live video streaming has gained immense popularity over the past couple years—and there’s no doubt our physically distanced conditions have pushed it further into the mainstream.

According to Livestream, 82% of people would rather watch a live brand video that read a blog, and 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over standard social media posts. Beyond Facebook Live, video streaming features can also be found on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Live streaming builds trust with your audience through transparency and allows you or your brand ambassadors to present true, uncut authenticity (learn more about one brand authenticity in our previous post). It can also help extend your audience reach, open up another channel of communication with your followers, and allow you to show off your creativity without the financial investment required for highly produced videos.

Live video can be a daunting task that may feel a little awkward to the inexperienced. That’s why we’re offering four easy live video ideas you can implement for your brand with little experience and effort.

1. Spread the good news.

If you had exciting news to share with your friend, would you write them a letter to read later, or call them up and tell them directly? The same goes with brands online: nothing beats the fun of sharing exciting news firsthand. Keep in touch with your audience and make them feel like they’re in the know by sharing your news and announcements with them directly through live streaming.

2. Interview to up your views.

Whether you choose to stream off your smartphone or use a more professional setup using Restream Studio, the spontaneity and banter in live interviews makes them feel more authentic and engaging. Influencers, employees, customers, and partners all make great interview subjects. And just because it’s live doesn’t mean it has to be improvised: you can write out your questions and walk through them with your subject beforehand for a smoother delivery and flow.

3. Educate or demonstrate.

You can position yourself as a subject matter expert in your brand’s category by hosting an educational session on specialized topics. Live streaming a topical webinar is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and build credibility, while live streamed product reviews or demonstrations are ideal for highlighting product benefits, answering customer questions, and generating sales leads.

4. Let the people speak (through live Q&As).

A live Q&A is like a hybrid between a live interview and a webinar. A live Q&A session opens up direct communication with your audience. This will make your viewers feel heard and allows them to learn what they need to know to get to the next step in loyalty to your brand. Q&A sessions can be created around a variety of topics such as brand, products, or advice and answered by whoever is the subject matter expert on the focus topic.

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