3 Instagram creators to keep your eye on!

We share some of our creative influences to inspire your creativity, too

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As a collective of dedicated brand builders and creative storytellers, we at Prolex Media are constantly on the lookout for cool content creators who are doing things differently and making a strong personal brand for themselves.

We encourage creativity in all forms, but the power of inspiration should never be overlooked—making connections between different inspirational ideas is what makes creativity thrive.

Each time we see something we like, we love to deconstruct it: to ask ourselves why we like it to better understand the elements than make it appealing; to try learn how specific techniques were used to accomplish the desired effect; and to think of how certain creative elements could inspire and inform our own work.

At Prolex Media, we love giving shout outs to fellow content creators and share our influences and inspiration with the world. After all, the more creative ideas have the opportunity to cross-pollinate, the more creatively vibrant the world will be!

Without further adieu, here are three Instagram content creators who have caught our eye, and who we think you should take a look at too!

  1. Daniel Schiffer — @daniel.schiffer
( He also share some Behind the Scenes from his projects )

Daniel Shiffer has made a name for himself creating very cool commercials for big brands in the comfort of his own home using handheld camera work and very creative transitions. He shares some of his tricks of the trade in how-to and behind-the-scenes videos on his YouTube channel, and has inspired a video style trend that has become very popular among smaller-scale and large-scale creators alike (us included!).

( Some of the commercials he's made on IG )

  1. Anna Devís + Daniel Rueda — @anniset + @drcuerda
( check out their Instagram page )

This artist duo does an incredible job creating images that may look simple at first, but are very thoughtfully designed and executed. With a fun, bright, almost Wes Anderson-ish vibe, each photo is a delight that tells its own single-frame story or befuddles the mind with an optical illusion. It’s no wonder they’ve worked with brands such as huge Disney and Facebook. They also offer a very affordable online course on taking creative photography on social media. 

Their ability to combine practical props into their images shows an incredible ability to conceptualize an idea and create a final product true to the vision! It really is inspiring!

  1. Becki + Chris — @beckiandchris
( Just Check out Their IG Page )

A radiologist and a photographer make one super creative couple on Instagram.

Becki and Chris have an obsession with the colour black, which guides these two in a dark visual style that doesn’t come off as depressing—rather, their photos have a rich, earthy tone. They describe that they are “creating a life less ordinary,” and that’s what we love about their work: through their cool, contrast-drive style, they give everyday still life items boldness and depth, and their outdoor scenery has a dramatic, commanding 

( Their Instagram Page )

If you want to see even more content, both @beckiandchris and @daniel.schiffer have YouTube Channels! Check out a couple videos from them below!

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