UPS Store

You have to think outside the box to become the number one UPS Store in Canada.


Client: UPS Store

Focus: Videography, Creative Direction, Production

You have to think outside the box to become the number one UPS Store in Canada.

Shortly after taking over the UPS Store#322 the owners set two very ambitious goals: to become the number one in sales volume in Winnipeg; and, to become the number one store in Canada. They hired motivated staff and worked countless hours—including a few sleepless nights every month—to meet deadlines and keep clients happy.

But making it to number one in anything always takes a little something extra. Among the many new approaches UPS Store #322 implemented was digital video strategy, and that’s where Prolex Media came in. We created short, engaging and shareable videos for their store to use in posts and ads across all their social media platforms. With a light, upbeat tone, these videos breathed fun and life into the usually slow and somewhat boring experience most would associate with a print shop.

The effort did not go unnoticed. Three years later, they did it: they became the number one UPS Store in Winnipeg in sales—not one, but two years in a row. In addition, they also beat out UPS Stores in Toronto and Montreal to achieve number one UPS Store in Canada based on sales, Canada Wide. We are so proud of this client and grateful to have been part of their goal-getting journey.

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