SkillShare Spec Ad

One shot, one opportunity: a backstage pass to our first one-shot sequence


Client: SkillShare Spec Ad

Focus: Concept, Direction, Production, Creative Direction, Videography, Editing

Inspired by some of film’s iconic one-takes (a sequence filmed using one shot with one camera without cuts) in movies such as in 1917,The Revenant, or Birdman, we were eager to try out the technique ourselves. With no official client project to try a one-shot with, we took initiative with our creativity and did a spec ad (speculative advertisement) for SkillShare, an online learning community that uses educational videos.

Though we had never attempted a one-shot before, we were determined to execute in an exciting way that told a larger story. We formed an idea around a guitarist in the process of learning his chops using SkillShare. With creative videography and choreography we were able to showcase the guitarist’s entire musical journey from basement beginner to stage star.

We were up to the challenge of all the planning a shoot like this takes. We scouted the ideal location, cast the guitarist and band, designed two sets to swap during the shoot, staged mood-shifting lighting, and coordinated a full volunteer team to help make it all happen. Within one day, we directed the talent, choreographed all the set changes and lighting, and

Even though this is a spec ad that has no affiliation with SkillShare, we are incredibly proud to have the one-shot piece as part of our portfolio and so grateful for all the people who helped bring our vision to life. We can’t wait to put the one-shot to practice for some official client work.

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