Schnell Tools

Laying out a new tool brand that innovates the tile-laying game.

Design & Branding

Client: Schnell Tools

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Technical Strategy, Frontend Development, Backend Development

Schnell Tools is a new company that develops innovative machinery for high-end, professional tile layers. The inventor reached out to Prolex Media to create a brand to sell his tools under. Before we could come up with the brand identity, we needed a name. We put everything we knew about the client and his new invention on paper to try to come up with a name that's short, simple, has a ring to it, and has visual potential when written out.

The inventor is German, so decided to start translating different descriptive words from english to german, while keeping the main value proposition of the tool in mind—saving tile layers time and money by executing the job faster with more efficient use of materials. After a few dozen words and word combinations, we landed on the German word for “fast.” And Schnell Tools was born.

Literally translating to “Fast Tools,” Schnell Tools checked all the boxes: it aligns with the value proposition, sounds nice and appealing, and has a lot of marketing potential. For the brand identity itself, we were inspired by established tool brands like Bosch Power Tools and Makita. For Schnell Tools, we designed a logo that uses bold typography, but the right lean gives a sense of forward-thinking flexibility and speed.

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