A big-picture concept captured through a short commute commercial.


Client: Porsche Centre Winnipeg / Go Auto Canada

Focus: Branding, Video Production, Creative direction

As one of the world’s most prestigious and reliable automobile brands, Porsche is determined to also become one of the most sustainable with a focus on electric-powered sports cars. We partnered with Porsche Centre Winnipeg and Go Auto Canada to create a theatrical, future-thinking video to represent the Prairies in Porsche’s #TaycanAcrossCanada campaign.

The brief called for everyday life in Winnipeg from the perspective of an urban commuter, featuring vehicle details and a focus on performance. We saw an opportunity to deliver a bigger, more inspirational story-driven idea to align with the sustainable, future-thinking sentiment of Porsche’s electric vehicle initiatives, so we set out to showcase how advancements in technology provide the next generation of drivers access to better electric vehicles and a better future.”

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Following our storyboard, we shot the commercial in chronological order to lead up to the epic penultimate sunset windfarm shot. Capturing urban footage while avoiding other vehicles in the shots proved difficult, and orchestrating precise rolling shots was especially challenging but extremely gratifying.  

While Porsche Centre Winnipeg and Go Auto may have initially expected a teaser-style video to announce the arrival of the Taycan in Winnipeg, instead they got an emotionally charged theatrical commercial that aspires for a greener future made possible by Porsche’s electric vehicles.

Porsche and Go Auto praised the team for doing a wonderful job in capturing Porsche’s message and that the video “encapsulates the feeling of the Prairies” while staying on brand. In particular, they praised our “clean script, beautiful shots and cool transitions.”

We look forward to partnering with Porsche and Go Auto to help envision a better, more sustainable world for future generations.

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