GoodLocal Brand Video

We help inspire change in consumer habits with a heartfelt story that profiles local vendors to showcase the importance of shopping local.


Focus: Video Production, Creative direction, Storytelling

The Brief

GoodLocal is an online marketplace and delivery service born out of the pandemic in order to offer local growers, makers, and merchants the convenience of an online selling platform usually only available to large corporate brands.

The company became hugely popular during the holiday season of 2020. They soon connected with Prolex Media to produce a brand video to tell their story and express their mission, vision, and values in a way that would inspire Winnipeggers to choose to shop local to benefit their neighbours and communities.

The Challenge

The main challenge was devising a way to tell the story of GoodLocal to showcase the value and benefits of supporting the local community without focusing on the business itself or its functions.

The goal of this project wasn’t growth, but rather to tell the story of GoodLocal and how they came to be to inspire a movement. They wanted to make their brand more of a household name.We needed to carefully craft a story that wasn’t held up by self-reverence, but rather celebrated community and the people that it involves.

The Solution

To tell a captivating story packed with inspiring messages, started with a solid script that distilled the messaging of GoodLocal into a heartfelt and inspiring story. By telling a compelling story about the local economy and the benefits provided to the vendors, we were able to advertise the product/service without focusing solely on how the business works.

We collaborated with GoodLocal to revise several drafts of the script to get the message right and the flow tight. We created visual queues to bring the narrative to life, scheduled vendors, found the right voice actors, and precisely edited the video and designed the sound.

There were a lot of moving pieces involved in this shoot. We had to organize and schedule shoot days with a long list of vendors that we could incorporate into the video, and we also went through multiple voice over artists to find one that really fit the voice of the story.

The Result

The final brand video weaves together many “day in the life” threads of Manitoba merchants and makers to produce a captivating, heartful visual tapestry of local culture and commerce.

“When we put that video out there and showed it to our vendors and our customers, they absolutely loved it,” says Obby Khan, Founder and CEO of GoodLocal.

Most importantly, the video tells a compelling story to drive home the key message: Shopping local means supporting your neighbours and investing in your community, and buying from big corporations means sending money away from the local economy.

“The results we got from Prolex are exactly what we wanted,” says Khan. “We wanted an emotionally driven video that would tell customers what GoodLocal is in a couple minutes, and that’s exactly what this video does. It tells a great story about our business, features great footage of what we do, and it’s exactly what we wanted.”

We hope the video we created with GoodLocal will inspire more individuals to shop and support local businesses with each view!

This was a large endeavor! It also opened the door to more projects that we have been able to work on with the people who own GoodLocal. Corey should be proud of managing this project from start to finish and keep all of the channels inline with the vision. From our team members to the client and vendors.

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