Genesis Winnipeg

When time is money, you make the most of it to launch a luxurious car brand that saves their customers time.

Social Media

Client: Genesis Winnipeg

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Editing, Direction, Production

Genesis got in touch with us right before they started offering their vehicles in Winnipeg.

They wanted us to help launch their luxurious car brand through social media and digital content. The challenge we had to overcome was that of obscurity: no one in Winnipeg was yet aware of the Genesis brand.

As soon as the first few vehicles landed, we got started. We borrowed two products from them for three days, the G70 3.3T to showcase in a video commercial, as well as a G80 we captured for photo content.

Genesis “Buy Time” Commercial

Through their motto, “We Come To You,” Genesis strives to save customers the only commodity they can’t make more of: time. Test drives, purchases, or maintenance can all be booked online, and a Genesis rep will come to where the customer is to satisfy their need. This is the sentiment we demonstrated through this commercial: the luxury lifestyle of Genesis and exactly how they’ll save you time.

To help establish Genesis in Winnipeg, we aligned the brand with a local influencer who has a large social media following, Nick Welch from Ordnry Clothing, and set the location at a house by a local high-end home builder to touch on the luxurious Genesis lifestyle.

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Genesis Winnipeg Social Media

For social media content, we photographed the G70 and the G80 for three days from sunrise until 2 a.m to get every shot we could while we had the vehicles in our possession. We also shot with Nick Welch from Ordnry clothing as well as seven other local influencers to align the brand with hip, luxury-inclined clientele. These influencers also helped grow brand awareness for Genesis in Winnipeg when they reposted the content they were featured in.

Behind The Scenes

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