Geller’s Design | Build | Landscape

We helped this client turn competitive trade shows into the land of opportunity.


Client: Geller’s Design | Build | Landscape

Focus: Photography, Creative Direction, Videography, Direction, Production

Geller’s Design | Build | Landscaping was Prolex Media’s first-ever client. In May 2019, they came to us with a special challenge: competition was fierce the handful of trade shows they attend annually, with upwards of 10 landscape companies trying to to earn the most attention (and potential clients) through their displays. Gellar’s needed a more efficient way to stand out and showcase their capabilities than the 40-square-foot booth that took up to three days to set up.

Partnering with Gellar’s, we collectively came up with the idea to feature short, yet detailed, cinematic videos of five diversely built properties to loop in perfect sequence across five big TV’s. We literally rose to the challenge and created videos that not only showed off the projects, but immersed the viewer by using aerial footage and multitude of film techniques to showcase the unique space and dynamics each project leveraged. This was further accented with design and build elements around each TV to complement the style of design each TV was showcasing.

We succeeded in bringing Gellar’s breathtaking outdoor elements to life indoors. As a result of these efforts, Geller’s won the “Best Large Space” award for their booth and all the esteem (and business) that accompany such recognition. We continue to be Gellar’s go-to video and photography studio for highlighting their work across digital platforms.

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