Dugald Place

Trying to keep up with all “the usual” fun at an assisted living centre.


Client: Dugald Place

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Editing, Direction, Production

Dugald Place, an assisted living centre in a small relaxing town in rural Manitoba, approached Prolex Media to help promote the second phase of their project: to create living spaces for the elderly in Winnipeg and the surrounding area to live.

Dugald Place was already a flourishing community, so our idea was fairly simple: showcase the amazing residents and all the fun activities that bring them together. In just one day of shooting, we followed our amazing volunteer couple through a week’s worth of adventures and activities to capture all the fun of Dugald Place and package it into a nicely edited slice-of-life video.

The result is an entertaining, upbeat recap of all the fun residents have throughout a week, with one resident slyly telling their family she’s been up to “the usual.” The video was a hit among residents and shareholders, and it’s now used on Dugald Place’s website as well as for digital advertising.

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