Charisma of India

Wafting the aromas of Indian cuisine through mouth-watering photography.


Client: Charisma of India

Focus: Creative Direction, Photography

We had the pleasure of working with Charisma of India on their social media  growth, strategy and content, including photography. Through our work with Charisma, we wanted to express how their experience is exotic yet familiar, and timeless yet with the times.

Charisma offers a buffet-style take to delicious, traditional recipes. Their high-touch approach ensures memories of their dining experience will endure, and that’s what we wanted these photos to convey. Much like their menu, our images aimed to take viewers on a photographic journey through Indian-style cuisine.

To do justice to their cleverly orchestrated dishes, we knew we needed to visually bring out the authentic flavour in these photographs. We collaborated directly with Charisma’s main chef to ensure we delivered the most favourable flavour messages to their audience using simple but smart staging to capture the majestic quality of the food.

These photos served Charisma well, increasing engagement with the brand and earning reposts from several Winnipeg food and food guide accounts. Their Instagram account grew significantly and, according to the owner who asked how each new client, was the source of most of their new business.

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