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Client: Audi Winnipeg

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Videography, Production, Story Writing, Directing

We help Audi Winnipeg grow and manage their social media, including content creation and monthly video work. The educating and entertaining videos we make aim to grow brand awareness, trust and loyalty while staying in tune with the progressive, energetic corporate brand.

“The Audi Winnipeg Customer Experience”

Audi Winnipeg delivers the premium customer experience in the auto industry. They needed a way to show prospective customers who had never set foot in their dealership. To do this, we created a short informative video that did just that. Through the perspective of a new customer, we walk the viewer through the entire Winnipeg Audi sales experience, from the welcoming handshake to driving off the lot, with a staff voiceover that describes the Winnipeg Audi sales process. The result was a clean video that pays close attention to the detail and care that goes into every Audi Winnipeg sale.

This video is now their highest viewed (>10K views) on social media, and we’ve since made more than 50 videos for Audi Winnipeg in the following year. They continue to be on of our most engaged and satisfied clients.

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Audi Review Videos

We created a review video for every new, redesigned model that came out for the Audi brand in 2019. The objective was to inform Audi Winnipeg’s social media and website audiences with new redesigned models. We gave the sales staff the opportunity to review these vehicles to allow them to show their expertise and familiarize prospective customers with their faces to establish and build trust. These videos have increased social media engagement and provided invaluable content for their employees to share on their personal accounts to drive business.

Behind The Scenes

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