Audi SQ7

We set the mood and the movement to showcase Audi’s sportiest SUV


Client: Audi SQ7

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Direction, Production, Videography, Editing

When we were asked to create the promotional video for the first Audi SQ7 to arrive in Manitoba, we wanted to try something a little different than our usual vehicle tour videos. We decided this would be a great opportunity to try our brand new Edelkrone slider—a special motorized rig that performs perfectly smooth camera movements for dolly and pan effects.

Used effectively, these in-and-out, side-to-side camera movements can be very engaging and help focus the viewer’s attention on a subject—and that’s exactly how we wanted to showcase all the SQ7’s sporty features.

With the vision of creating a commanding scene for such a powerful vehicle, we arrived on set early in the morning to have time to shape lighting and form a visual frame around the vehicle using our Godox lights and some Arri 350-watt lights we rented from the Winnipeg Film Group. We also used the pillars in the Audi Winnipeg lower level showroom to form a triangle on the ground to better contrast the light and darkness and guide the viewer’s eyes to the vehicle.

Once the scene was set and we got the hang of using our motorized Edelkrone slider, we captured some of our smoothest vehicle shots to date. The resulting video is an engaging, intricately shot video tour that smoothly showcases the fine features and details of this state-of-the-art vehicle.

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