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Social Media

Client: 30.UC

Focus: Creative Direction, Photography, Technical Strategy

30.UC is a 104-unit, condo-style apartment complex being built at the gateway to University Crescent near University of Manitoba. Prolex Media was brought on by Paragon Design | Build to help entice prospective renters to join the waitlist, as well as raise awareness and grow excitement for this new addition to the neighbourhood.

Because 30.UC is being built in a highly visible, high-traffic spot, our goal was to pique the interest of neighbours and passersby and satisfy curiosity through transparent social media content. Through our behind-the-scenes approach, we provide followers a glimpse of the quality work, real people, and hard labour that make this venture possible.

We incorporated a number of tactics to raise awareness in the project, including giveaway contests and event recap videos. Such an undertaking wouldn’t be possible without the cooperation of all the companies involved, so we tag them all to give them recognition and express our client’s appreciation.This also gives partner companies the opportunity to repost and cross-promote to their audiences.

We have seen some great success with 30.UC so far. From the time we came onboard with the project, 30.UC has 150 prospects on the waitlist, get five to ten social shares from partner companies each week, and we one of the most active and most followed construction site/building Instagram account in Winnipeg, growing to more than 1,600 followers over the course of a few months.

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