2021 Caesar Week Winnipeg

We mixed up a spicy promotional cocktail to establish Caesar Week as a household name and annual tradition in Winnipeg.

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Client: Caesar Week

Focus: Branding, Design, Video Production, Creative direction, Social media

The Brief

Prolex Media was approached by the organizers of Winnipeg’s Caesar Week to help envision and deliver the creative and orchestrate the promotional campaign for its second year in the city.

Prolex has worked on multiple projects for one the organizers for the past few years, so he had seen first-hand the work we do. This is why they offered Prolex the great opportunity to be the presenting sponsor for the event. In exchange for appearing on all the promotional materials, we managed all of the marketing, content, creative and growth of the campaign.

The Challenge

The debut Caesar Week in 2020 was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the May 2021 Caesar Week was postponed due to lockdown. With it being rescheduled to August, the organizers were adamant about transforming Caesar Week into a recognizable brand through a strong marketing strategy that would raise awareness, earn engagement and drive Caesar sales in the participating restaurants. The overall goal was to make Caesar Week a household name and annual tradition in Winnipeg and expand to more cities such as Kelowna and Calgary.

The Solution

Prolex Media provided strategy, graphic design, social media strategy and management, video and photo creation, as well as marketing assistance for digital and print via our own channels and through paid advertising, promotions, and giveaways to encourage restaurants to sign up and entice consumers to go out and try.

We also coordinated with local partners such as printers, influencers, promotional item vendors and restaurants, and scheduled live content at the right restaurants at the right times. Creating and posting content in a timely manner was huge to the success of the campaign, so we shot, edited and posted rapidly as the restaurants signed on to the event.

With a lot of restaurants, content and updates, we had to be on top of managing all of the moving pieces and getting it all done in time for Caesar Week. This is why having a solid plan in place allowed for us to communicate and pivot when we needed to without getting too off track.

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The Result

In the mix of existing food and beverage weeks we believe that even as a small event we really did our best to try and help the restaurants get more business. We wanted to provide them with the care of proper marketing so they could see their sales increase, especially after some challenging times.

Winnipeg’s Caesar Week had 37 restaurants register and compete for the title, many of which experienced a huge surge in Caesar sales thanks to our marketing efforts. For example, one for the registered restaurants sold over 100 caesars in the first two days of the week. Who was the winner of Winnipeg’s best Caesar in 2021? The Smokey St B Caesar by The Wood Tavern.

The participating restaurants and our clients were so happy with how we ran things that they invited us to come out to Kelowna to run Caesar Week in September 2021. In their own words:

“Prolex was an incredible partner to work with for Caesar Week. Their expertise spans throughout many fields and their knowledge in the industry is second to none. They were pivotal in making our event successful through branding, media, marketing, advertising, etc. We cannot thank them enough, as they went above and beyond on so many occasions. We would recommend them to other businesses, events in various sectors.”

We had amazing effort from across the board, everyone who was involved did their part to help with the success of this project. We are very proud of what we were able to accomplish over the summer with Caesar Week and are excited to do it all over again in Kelowna. The level of quality content definitely put Prolex Media on the map and positioned us as creative content marketing experts.

Behind The Scenes

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