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Don’t Fade into the Background. Claim Your Top Spot with Content Worthy of Leading Your Industry. Introducing the “Industry Leader Powerhouse Package: Six Months of Content in Six Weeks” to rise to the top of your niche—and stay there.

Our strategic approach to industry-leading content helps our clients:

  • Enhance visibility + presence.
  • Establish leadership + expertise.
  • Engage + build trust through value.
  • Generate leads + drive conversions.
  • Stay relevant + ahead of trends.
  • Prove authority + credibility.
  • Earn a loyal following of advocates.
  • Expand reach + market influence.
  • Feel proud of your brand!

Trusted by Leading Brands

Getting Lost in the Shadows?

Does business success even really count if competitors are stealing your spotlight? 

A passive or uninspiring online presence makes you the invisible player.

Without compelling branded content, your message is just background noise—leaving your brand sad, alone, and out of touch.

  • Missed opportunities.
  • Limited reach to larger audiences.
  • Low brand awareness.
  • Diminished credibility + trust.

In 2022, almost half (49%) of marketing teams allocated between 30% and 50% of their budget to content. Source: Hubspot, 2023

…what % of your marketing budget is allocated to content?

Your Brand Deserves to Shine.

If you've got real value to offer, it's time to claim your throne in the industry.

Prolex Media is your secret weapon to unveil your true worth online through strategic, creative content.

Our approach will have you shining bright, solidifying your brand as the ultimate authority.

  • Meticulously designed strategy for lasting success.
  • Collaborative planning lightens your burden.
  • Seamless process aligns content to your goals.
  • Data-driven, research-backed content earns results.

Short-form video is the most popular trend among marketers, has the highest ROI, and will see the most growth in 2023. Source: Hubspot, 2023

…is short-form video in your long-term strategy?

Secure Your Spot at the Top

As an industry leader, you’re the go-to for thought leadership, answers, and guidance.

Valuable content delivers what your audience craves, while the brand forms loyal bonds through shared beliefs.

Join true industry leaders who recognize the power of branded content and achieve remarkable, long-term success.

  • Enhance your presence + reputation to drive more leads + revenue.
  • Streamline content creation through one point of contact.
  • Quarterly reports + planning for optimized performance.
  • Focus on your business with peace of mind that content is covered.

82% of customers want a brand's values to align with their own — and 75% would part ways with a brand over conflicting values.Source: Google, 2023

…does your content clearly showcase your brand values and beliefs?

What Our Partners Say...

I recently had the great privilege of working with Prolex Media. Not only were they easy to work with, but their friendly and highly collaborative approach made the entire experience feel seamless. They work with great care and were just as invested in our business's success as we were. If you're looking for a partner who not only understands the art and science of marketing but also values genuine partnership, this is your team. Highly recommended!
Chad Beauchamp - President / CEO, Web Wizards
We knew we wanted to work with Prolex for this video project from seeing prior work they've done with their clients, and we have to say we could not have been more impressed with the level of quality and professionalism. We had a tight timeline to work with, and Prolex worked efficiently through the whole process with planning the shot list, creating call sheets, organization on set, and creative direction. The final product speaks for itself!
Jordan Witherspoon - Marketing Manager, Uphouse Inc.
Great experience working with Prolex team on an educational series of videos. Quality of work is fantastic. Really proactive communicators. They provided updates on their work and asked thoughtful questions at every stage. Demonstrated a clear commitment to timelines, which we very much appreciated -- including holding our team accountable to what they need from us to hit targets. Would hire again.
Justine Dechaine - Director of Operations, Brandish
Professional, creative and hard working. This team is passionate about everything they do and will treat your company like it's their own. The quality of their work is top notch.
Wade Clisby - Marketing Manager, Genesis Winnipeg
They have never failed to wow us. Very creative, professional and easy to work with. They are truly passionate at what they do and always go above and beyond.
Carol Poon - Marketing Coordinator, Audi Winnipeg

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We're all about quality, not quantity. We channel our expertise into a handpicked group of clients to dedicate our attention and craft content that shines.

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How It Works

With our streamlined processes, expert team, and efficient project management, we swiftly bridge the gap between engagement and results. We promptly showcase your enhanced brand story, engaging content, and impactful storytelling, accelerating your path to industry leadership.

1. Book Your Free Strategic Consultation

Let's have a chat! We'll delve into your vision, gain valuable insights, and enhance your brand's identity. Effective audience connection? We've got it covered

2. Get Your Custom Content Strategy

We'll craft a tailored content strategy aligning with your brand identity and audience. We’ll outline a strategic action plan using content solutions to address your specific needs.

3. Become the Powerhouse of Your Industry

With captivating content and strategic guidance, you'll transform your brand into an industry powerhouse, earning trust, credibility, and recognition in your market.

Industry-Leading Expertise:

With extensive experience in high-production video and branded content, we bring valuable industry insights to enhance your brand's impact.

Proven Track Record:

Our portfolio showcases successful collaborations with diverse clients, demonstrating our ability to tailor solutions to different industries.

Creative Excellence:

Our team is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries, guaranteeing captivating and engaging content that aligns with your brand and earns your audience’s attention.

Strategic Approach:

We go beyond aesthetics, employing a strategic process that includes audience analysis, message alignment, and platform optimization for content that truly connects.

Our Approach

We're your strategic content partner, diving deep into your vision, goals, and brand essence to craft content that resonates with your audience.

Industry Leader Powerhouse Package:
6 Months of Content in 6 Weeks

A potent mix of short-form video and visual content geared toward establishing your brand as the top authority in your niche.

Industry Powerhouse Content Package

All Content Packages Include:
  • Onboarding discovery session
  • Dedicated social media content strategist
  • Benchmark goals/objectives + tactical plan
  • Quarterly consultation + content planning
  • Regular support + check-ins
  • Quarterly evaluation meeting, recommendations + content planning
  • Easy-to-use social media planning + scheduling tools + checklists.
  • Access our full library of resources.

94 High-quality, digital content assets

With extensive experience in high-production video and branded content, we bring valuable industry insights to enhance your brand's impact.

52 Reels* | 15 - 60 seconds each:

Our portfolio showcases successful collaborations with diverse clients, demonstrating our ability to tailor solutions to different industries.

26 Still Photos

Our team is dedicated to pushing creative boundaries, guaranteeing captivating and engaging content that aligns with your brand and earns your audience’s attention.

52 Graphics

We go beyond aesthetics, employing a strategic process that includes audience analysis, message alignment, and platform optimization for content that truly connects.


Discovery Session
+ Content Strategy

Get in-depth insights into your business during a 1-hour session. We craft audience personas and a content strategy aligning your goals with their needs. Quarterly follow-ups ensure performance clarity.

Social Media Mastery Kit:
Elevate Your Online Presence:

Unlock a wealth of social media wisdom with our expert guides. Leverage tools for content management, analysis, and engagement. Stay on track with our step-by-step checklists for social success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Prolex Media work?

Prolex Media works its magic by crafting captivating short-form branded content that not only elevates your brand's industry standing but also adds a sprinkle of irresistible charm. We get up close and personal with your goals and values, ensuring each piece of content speaks your brand's unique language.

What is Prolex Media like to work with?

Oh, working with Prolex Media is like taking a smooth ride on a content creation rollercoaster. It's a seamless journey toward enhanced brand presence. With our dedicated team of experts, we bring your vision to life, all while ensuring you have a say in how the final product turns out. No dull moments here!

I already have a social media coordinator or manager. Do I need Prolex as well?

Absolutely! Think of us as the secret sauce to spice up your social media strategy. While your coordinator handles the day-to-day operations, our specialized focus on short-form content adds that extra zing, boosting brand engagement and positioning.

Can I speak to someone before I start?

You bet! We're all ears and ready for a good chat. Schedule a strategy consultation with us to discuss your needs, goals, and how Prolex Media can bring some serious flair to your brand.

How much time do I need to commit?

We know your time is precious, so we keep it short and sweet. Our efficient processes require minimal time on your end. Collaborative input and regular check-ins bring your brand's story to life without hogging your schedule.

How long from signing an agreement until I have content?

We're all about efficiency! After signing with Prolex Media, expect captivating content in the first month. We kickstart with the first content shoot, ensuring timely, engaging material ready for your use. Simpler content may take days, while intricate projects like video commercials could need a few weeks. We maintain open communication, and subsequent content flows consistently to keep your brand active and engaging.

Will you manage my social media account(s)?

While we excel at crafting captivating content, we leave the daily social media management to in-house experts who know your brand inside out. Our focus is content creation, ensuring your channels are stocked with eye-catching material. We collaborate with your in-house team, providing tools, resources, and insights to maximize the impact of our content. Plus, we offer consultations to enhance your social media presence further.

When will I see the results?

Results vary, but one thing's for sure: you won't be twiddling your thumbs for long. Increased engagement and brand awareness can show up within weeks. Building a strong presence and industry leadership? Well, that's a journey we'll embark on together.

Will I see more sales from social content?

Absolutely! Well-crafted content has the power to boost those sales figures. However, the impact might dance to its own rhythm, depending on factors like your industry and audience. It's not just about sales; it's also about building trust and recognition in the long run.

How do I calculate my ROI?

Don't worry; we've got your back here too. We'll set up tracking and analytics to measure metrics like website traffic and lead generation, helping you calculate that ever-elusive ROI. It's like having your financial GPS!

If I need to stop, is it easy to cancel my content commitment?

We understand life happens, and we keep it hassle-free. Our cancellation process is as smooth as our content creation, giving you the flexibility to adjust your commitment as needed. No strings attached!

How does the satisfaction guarantee work?

We're confident you'll be doing a happy dance with our content, but if by any chance you're not, don't fret. Within 30 days, we'll fine-tune things to align with your expectations. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we're here to make it right.

🌟 Nice! You made it to the bottom. Gold stars all around.

You're clearly a diligent diehard who is hungry for value and answers—and that’s exactly the type of leader we want to work with for creative content. 

Shall we take this offline and get to know each other better, human-to-human?