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Habitat For Humanity Manitoba

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Prolex Media

The Situation / Challenges

Prolex Media was tasked with creating compelling promotional videos for Habitat for Humanity Manitoba's "Spirit of Hope" fundraiser. The aim was to convey the event's essence, inspire support, and attract both participants and donors through emotionally impactful storytelling.

The challenge lay in capturing the passion of riders, the significance of affordable housing, and the sense of community fostered by the event, all within the constraints of budget and time.

The Result

Prolex partnered with Habitat for Humanity Manitoba to produce videos that celebrated the spirit of the "Spirit of Hope" event. Through shared production costs and collaborative efforts, we created visually stunning and emotionally resonant content.

Access to diverse shooting locations and the involvement of volunteers added authenticity and energy to the videos. Despite being in its early stages as of spring 2024, the campaign has already gained television coverage, with an initial preview of the rider recruitment video resulting in 28 out of 40 viewers signing up, signaling a promising start to the campaign.

Creating inspirational content that engages with a specific audience is challenging and finding the right company to work with to share your vision, passion and message is very difficult.Thankfully, we connected with Prolex Media in 2023.

Brett Bourne, Manager, Signature Events
Habitat for Humanity Manitoba.

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