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As part of the prestigious Porsche campaign, Prolex Media was not only chosen to produce the project but also asked to showcase our very own dreamer.

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Porsche Winnipeg

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Prolex Media

The Situation / Challenges

With the Dreamers. On. Brand Program aiming to highlight individuals who are passionately pursuing their dreams, Porsche Canada invited Canadian Porsche Centres to contribute their local dreamer stories. Prolex Media was not only chosen to produce the project in Winnipeg but also granted the opportunity to showcase their very own dreamer. Prolex Media rose to the challenge, stepping forward to shine the spotlight on our visionary GM and Founder, Alex Streltsov.

We crafted a captivating short-form video, skillfully capturing the essence of Alex's journey and the genesis of his dream. Leveraging our exceptional former cinematographer, Austin Buell, who happened to be in Winnipeg at the time, the team brought Alex's story to life with stunning visuals and a heartfelt narrative.

The Result

The result was a powerful portrayal of Alex's determination and the milestones he achieved along the way. The video seamlessly aligned with the Dreamers. On. campaign's style guide and exceeded expectations in showcasing Alex's inspiring journey. With Prolex Media's production expertise and dedication, the video contributed to the Dreamers. On. Hub, captivating viewers and forging a deeper connection with the Porsche brand.

Through this collaboration, Prolex Media not only highlighted our own dreamer but also reinforced our position as a trusted and talented production company, ready to bring compelling stories to life. Alex's story continues to resonate, motivating others to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

"Alex and the team at Prolex are true professionals. Spectacular communication and videography. They continue to be our go-to creative partner for video. We look forward to the next project!"

Anderson Le, General Manager Porsche Centre Winnipeg

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