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Buckle up and join us on an exhilarating ride as we explore the rugged terrain of Alberta's gravel roads in our TV commercial for VPS Canada.




Creative Agency


Production Company

Prolex Media

The Situation / Challenges

VPS Canada, a leading provider of vehicle protection solutions, aimed to increase brand awareness and promote their SunTek Paint Protection Film to a wider audience across Canada. Recognizing the significance of reaching potential customers in Alberta, as well as extending their presence to the prairies and British Columbia, they sought a TV commercial that would resonate with the primary audience in these regions. The challenge was to create a compelling video that effectively showcased the benefits of SunTek PPF while capturing the essence of Alberta's gravel roads.

To meet the client's objectives, we embarked on crafting an engaging TV commercial. The creative team developed a concept centred around a stunning new pickup truck being wrapped in SunTek PPF, highlighting its durability and protective qualities. Innovative techniques were employed during the shoot—we even built our own custom vertically mounted camera rig. This rig allowed for a dynamic shot where the camera descended in a 180-degree rotation, revealing the clear PPF being expertly applied to the vehicle. The visually captivating sequence created an immersive viewing experience, capturing the attention of the audience.

The Result

The commercial was strategically scheduled for broadcast between NHL, NBA, and MLB games on TSN West, ensuring maximum visibility and reaching sports enthusiasts across the region. As a result, VPS Canada witnessed an increase in inquiries and brand recognition, driving more potential customers to explore their product and service offerings. The creative execution by Prolex successfully communicated the value of SunTek PPF while showcasing the challenging gravel roads of Alberta, resonating with the target audience and yielding tangible results for VPS Canada.

"Working with Prolex on our TV commercial was a game-changer! Their visually captivating execution showcased the durability of SunTek PPF, hitting the sweet spot with our target audience. Airing during sports events on TSN West boosted brand recognition and brought in more inquiries. Once again, Prolex delivered real results for our business!"

Mik Parent, VP of Operations VPS Canada

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