Caesar Week 2023

Join us as we toast to three years of unforgettable Caesar Week memories and the remarkable partnership between Prolex Media and the brand.



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The Situation / Challenges

Caesar Week 2023 was our third official year as presenting media sponsor for the event. Embracing the dynamic nature of the industry, Prolex Media faced the challenge of adapting to unexpected circumstances. While effectively managing the brand's social presence and strategy, the team had to swiftly change direction for the commercial production shortly before the scheduled shoot. With determination and creativity, our production team reimagined the concept in just under a week, surpassing expectations even under challenging circumstances.

Despite the last-minute changes, Prolex Media's ability to pivot resulted in a remarkable commercial that captivated audiences.  We also helped secure TABASCO® Brand sauces as the national sponsor for the event.

The Result

The total number of participating establishments reached an impressive 76, showcasing the widespread engagement and enthusiasm for Caesar Week. With 1,225 Caesar votes, the brand's popularity soared. The social media campaign achieved outstanding results, reaching over 213.5K accounts and generating 9.6K+ likes, comments, and shares. The campaign garnered a staggering 370K+ social media impressions, making a lasting impact on the target audience.Prolex Media's contribution extended beyond the digital realm, with 15 published articles and videos highlighting the Caesar Week experience, gaining valuable media coverage and expanding the brand's reach. Through meticulous planning, agile execution, and unwavering dedication, Prolex Media has played a vital role in cementing Caesar Week's success and ensuring its enduring presence in the Canadian market.

"So happy with the results this year. We sold 395 Caesars—out-selling the past two years combined. Really great turnout—We honestly couldn't be happier. Even if we hadn't won the competition, we felt it was a win for us!"

Melissa Mulder, General Manager of Food and BeverageThe Wood Tavern | Pauline Bistro

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