A Ferment For Everyone.

Indulge your tastebuds and dive into a world of flavour and animation, where MotherLove Kombucha's canned ferments come alive with every sip.

Spec / Partnership


MotherLove Kombucha

Creative Agency


Production Company

Prolex Media

The Situation / Challenges

In a collaboration born from creative passion, Prolex Media embarked on a spec project to showcase their animation expertise. Together with MotherLove, they set out to create a captivating video that would shine a spotlight on the brand's recently launched canned ferments.

Drawing on their exceptional team of animators, Prolex Media brought the flavours to life through mesmerizing 2D animations. Every sip, every flavour burst, and each can became a visual spectacle, enticing viewers to indulge in the diverse range of MotherLove Ferments. The digital assets meticulously crafted by the team added an extra layer of vibrancy and charm to the animations.

The Result

The result? A visually captivating video that not only highlighted the variety of flavours now available in cans but also showcased Prolex Media's prowess in the world of animation. MotherLove Kombucha's new line of canned ferments was introduced to the world in a way that captured the attention and left a lasting impression on viewers.

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