Video Content Brainstorm Worksheet

Video has taken over the internet. It dominates more than three-quarters of traffic. It’s how consumers learn about your offering, connect emotionally with your story, and share their own thoughts and experiences. Most platforms are now built with video top of mind. Using video effectively is a powerful way to stand out against your competition and grow your business.

This exercise is ideal for businesses that want to begin to use video as part of their marketing plan.



Good video content should always deliver some sort of value to your existing or prospective customers. By showcasing your expertise and expressing your authenticity through video, you can earn trust and loyalty from your customers.

The purpose of this exercise is to give you a taste of video types you can use so you can brainstorm video ideas that will benefit you customers, and therefore your business. This information can then be used as a starting point for a video content consultation with Prolex Media.
What video content is right for your brand to start off with? Here we provide a general overview of two key video categories and types for businesses wanting to get started with video content.

For each example provided, brainstorm with your team ideas that could work for your business. Remember to keep in mind that each video should be short and deliver value to your audience.

Video Content Types

These videos show off your brand’s personality and tell your company’s story. They help your audience become familiar with you so they will have a pre-established preference for you over competitors they know nothing about.

Brand Videos

1. Spot
Think of these as versatile 15- or 30-second commercials that they can be distributed anywhere without viewers needing much context (great for sharing on social media or for digital marketing campaigns!). It’s important that these videos immediately engage your audience so they are captivated to watch it instead of scrolling or skipping by your video.

Example: A post-secondary student-exchange program creates a 30-second video montage to upbeat music that shows students experiencing all the fun activities and events the program offers.
2. Testimonial
Customers research businesses online before they use them, and testimonial videos featuring enthusiastic existing customers are a great way to attract new business by sharing the positive experiences your business provides.

Example: A landscaping company shares a video featuring shots of a finished job with the customer recommending the company because they are so pleased with the results and level of service.
3. Employee Portrait / Interview
A lot of business is built on personal connections, and good customer service is the best foundation to market a business. Employee portraits or interviews provide transparency and build trust by letting your customers know who they are working with.

Example: A media production company creates an employee portrait video of one of their camera operators. He explains why he is passionate about video, how he got into the industry, and the unique approach he takes to video work.
Educational videos allow you to show you are an authority in what your business offers. Here are types of educational videos with examples of how some business could benefit from this type of video:

Educational Videos

1. Product demonstration
A classic product sales tactic is showing exactly what your product does so customers can see the benefits directly and imagine themselves using it in their own lives.

Example: A tool company releases a video that demonstrates how their new tiling tool makes applying mortar to floor tiles more time and cost efficient.
2. Tutorial
Can you offer your customers some free, simple advice to help improve their lives? Tutorial videos are a great way to empower your customers and earn their appreciation.

Example: An HVAC business empowers their customers to care for their systems with a how-to video with basic air conditioner or furnace maintenance tips.
3. Presentation
Rather than products, perhaps your business offers solutions and sound advice. A presentation format can help position you as an expert in your offering and help your customers learn more about their options so they can come to your business for the solution.

Example: A credit union shares a presentation-style video featuring a financial advisor explaining the different aspects of a mortgage so that members can make an informed decision.
Now that you have some ideas for video content that will benefit your business,If you are ready to take the next step in developing your video content strategy with Prolex Media. We will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your video content strategy or videos we can help you produce.

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