Mags Bujalski

Social Media Manager

With a passion for the ever-changing and creative world of social media, Mags brings a unique blend of experience growing personal and professional brands to the Prolex team.

Mags is comfortable both in front of and behind the camera and has a knack for making others feel at ease as well. She is quick on her feet when it comes to pivoting and thinking of alternate ideas, making her a huge asset to the Prolex team and our partners. 

Her positive attitude, good vibes, and sense of humour make her a natural fit for the Prolex team and a welcome collaborator to any meeting, brainstorm or shoot.

Mags speaks three languages and enjoys spending her free time working on her personal brand, learning about health and wellness, and snuggling up with her dog, Biggie.

More about Mags:

  • Has a cute doggo named Biggie 
  • Guilty pleasures: Nutella and dramatic Netflix shows
  • Skydiving is her big goal for this summer
  • Speaks three languages and wants to learn at least one more, maybe two
  • Loves trying outside-of-the-box health and wellness things!