Jordan Johnsen

Creative Director and Photographer

Jordan is our Creative Director and Photographer

Jordan is a creative problem-solver and loves to collaborate with the team to create an idea we can all be proud of.
Jordan's background in photography gave him the opportunity to capture moments for people and brands and opened the
door to digital marketing. When he's not coming up with movies he'll never make he gets his fill for directing on set with Prolex Media.
His above-average creative skills make up for his mediocre mario kart skills.
Daydreaming of the next destination - 19 countries and counting! Next stop: Japan/Iceland

More about Jordan:

  • Favourite food: Spaghetti
  • Favourite Country visited: Scotland
  • Number of Tattoos: 7
  • Drink of choice: Whiskey Ginger or a Local Brew
  • Plays DnD (nerd out with him)
  • Shoots Nikon