Trevor Kuna

Account Executive

A servant leader at heart, Trevor gets high on helping others and solving problems. Following a decade-long managerial career in Asia and Europe, he earned his stripes and matured like fine cheese. Having visited 64 countries across three continents, Trevor immersed himself in a vibrant tapestry of cultures and traditions. His exposure to people from all walks of life taught him the importance of humility, empathy, and building enduring relationships. He's also fortunate to have worked with several successful business mentors who shaped his worldview.

Like Whitney Houston, Trevor believes that children are the future, which is why he and his wife invest quality time with their two little humans, Ariana and Erick. In his free time, which is basically before the family wakes up, Trevor enriches his mind, fends off the dad bod and prepares for the day.

More about Trevor:

  • Cheese = kryptonite
  • Spice = vice
  • Drums = therapy
  • Metallica fanboy
  • Favourite quote: “If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.” —Michael Jordan
  • Inspired by: Ariana and Erick