Karan Raj Kohli

UI/UX Designer and Web Developer

As Prolex Media's UI\UX Designer and Web Developer, Karan is the architect who envisions and constructs our clients’ digital experiences to help fulfill their business and customer needs.

Since childhood, Karan has been immersed in the world of fine arts. He was introduced to web development at the young age of 12, and quickly became obsessed with applying his keen eye for design to practical projects. It was an easy decision to combine his passion for fine arts and web development into a career.

Karan has since participated in and won more than 40 competitions in the fields of design, software development, painting, and business. Karan loves to discuss the latest in tech, software, and design philosophies and ways to use them in this ever-changing digital world. He is also passionate about passing on his knowledge and experience as a mentor to UX design students.

More about Karan:

  • Hobbies: Cooking, Photography, Sketching
  • Favourite Movie: Interstellar
  • Guru: Steve Jobs
  • Ducati fanatic
  • Favourite music: Electronic