Guruch Buttar

Social Media Manager

Some call him a new-age prodigy/mastermind, others also call him humble. Here at Prolex, he's our Social Media Extraordinaire.

With a background in sociology and film studies, Guruch is interested in popular phenomena and the zeitgeist of today—particularly in the relationship between people and media, as well as in how 'meaning' is made. Using his insight from the social sciences and the study of media, Guruch brings a distinct and versatile perspective to the arena of digital marketing, management, and content creation.

If that makes you think he likes to geek out, wait till you hear what he does in his spare time: Guruch likes editing Wikipedia articles, contributing to Google Maps, reading up on social concepts and commentary, watching films, and sharing his own thoughts on contemporary culture.

More about Guruch:

  • Favourite food: Cheese pizza
  • Favourite film: Tarzan (1999)
  • Likes trivia and knowing things that he can insert into conversations at random
  • Proud Winnipegger/Manitoban