Win over all the customers you want
with the creative content they crave.

Earn higher engagement in the first 30 days
with magnetic creative content for your brand.

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You know why you’re here: you wish you could
dominate your sector with consistently kickass content.

Purposeful content is powerful
Consumers now have access to information and the freedom to choose. The value of content is undeniable: engaging content attracts and connects with customers – and useful content is why they’ll trust and prefer your business. Content is the key factor in successful digital marketing.
Valuable content earns more
Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, you know that whoever has the best branded content (video, social media, blogs, etc.) and social media presence leads the pack, wins the fans, stays top of mind, and earns the dollars.

The problem? Your content is hit or miss!
You have the right intention, but you don’t have time and resources.

Hard Truth #1: Content is a full-time game
You should be pushing out tasty content all the time for people to even know your brand exists. Don’t worry, you’re not alone: two-thirds of businesses find it a challenge to produce engaging content.1
Hard truth #2: Quality content is an investment
The struggle is real: Quality content takes research, strategy, creativity, and a whole suite of specialized skills. That’s why marketers are investing more of their budget into content than ever before.
1 Source: Hubspot - “The State of Content Marketing in 2022”

So, what if we told you that Prolex Media is your
secret weapon for creative content marketing?

Our job is to make sure your content does its job
We strategize and fulfill your creative vision by all means necessary to deliver drool-worthy content that will stop people mid-scroll. You focus on your business – let us handle content.
Creativity is what gets us out of bed in the morning
Prolex Media exists to wow people with content – especially video. It’s what makes us the perfect silent partner to do the heavy lifting and fine-tuning for your wow-inducing content.

Warning: Prolex Media isn’t for every business – the key word here is partner.

We create content we’re proud of for brands we believe in. That means we do it right: we start with a solid strategy and follow through channel distribution and social media management.
That's why we choose to partner with clients and integrate with them as an extension of their team. Great content earns attention – consistently great content earns results.

Some of the brand we’re proud to partner with:

Porsche Centre Winnipeg
Alex and the team at Prolex are true professionals. Spectacular communication, photography and videography.

- Anderson Le, General Manager
Exemplar Developments
An excellent experience. The team is young, full of energy, and very responsive and comprehensive of your marketing vision.

- Parminder Gill, Business Development Associate
Audi Winnipeg
Prolex Media will take your business to the next level. They demonstrate innovation, creativity, professionalism and most important, PASSION in their work.

- Robyn Okaja, General Manager
Prolex was totally different. They sat down with me and they heard the vision, and the results we got are exactly what we wanted. They delivered a product that was out of this world.

- Obby Khan, Owner
Paragon Living
Prolex has been able to meet and exceed expectations with their professionalism, delivery, and word-class feel of everything they do.

- Nigel Furgus, President / CEO
Genesis Winnipeg
Professional, creative and hard working, this team is passionate about everything they do and will treat your company like it's their own. The quality of their work is top notch.

- Wade Clisby, Marketing Manager
Dugald Place
They respond quickly and are extremely helpful and accommodating.  We feel ourselves lucky to have found Prolex

- Lesley Thomson
Go Auto Edmonton
They can take a tiny idea and absolutely run with it creating some outstanding work! I found the quality of work to be sensational.

- Katie Cruickshank, Marketing Manager
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Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to make informed decisions that will drive the most value for your organization. That’s why we’ve compiled these responses to questions we hear about most often from prospective partners. If you still have questions, we’ll be happy to answer them on our 10-minute no-obligation Intro Call

What in the heck is a content strategy and why does it drive business?

Consistent quality content has become a magical key to modern marketing – and content strategy is how that consistent quality content is planned and managed.

That’s because we as consumers hold devices in our hands that grant us access to endless options and infinite information. In this information age of technology, content has become the competitive edge.

For example: we Google for answers and solutions, we learn to do practically anything on YouTube, we read reviews and conduct research before making purchase decisions, and we get endless entertainment by scrolling…and scrolling – and all of these activities are content-driven.

It’s easy to see why the brands with the content that does the best job to entertain, inspire, educate or connect people will earn the most trust and credibility. These are the brands that get discovered online and stay top of mind – because they deliver value in exchange for loyalty.

Content strategy comprises the research and planning that guides how we create and manage the content that will drive your business. It helps us deliver content that serves an intentional purpose: to bridge your business goals with your audience’s needs and interests.

With a sound content strategy in place, your business will benefit hugely from effective content and efficient workflows. No more “hit or miss” content efforts: every piece of content will work towards a specific, measurable goal that will contribute to your business success.

What is “engagement” and why is it so important for my business?

As we mention in the response to the above question about content strategy, content provides value to your business by helping your brand to be discovered by your audience and earn their loyalty through content that inspires, entertains, educates, and connects.

“Engagement” is how we measure the effectiveness of your content. Engagement is any action a person takes to interact directly with your content – such as post likes, social shares, video views, comments, tags, link clicks, page views, etc. – or any conversion-related actions they take as a result of your content – such as purchases, newsletter sign ups, contact forms, etc.

The algorithms of almost all social media platforms favour content that earns high engagement soon after it’s published. This means that engaging content often has a snowball effect: the more engagement it earns, the more people will see it.

Prolex Media conducts research to reveal underlying insights about your brand, business, competition, audience, and sector. We find the “content common denominators” to help you deliver content that will most resonate with your audience to earn engagement.

What does a partnership with Prolex media look like?

Put simply, a partnership means that your success is our success. That’s why we integrate as an extension of your team to help you achieve your business goals. We learn and grow with you to anticipate and overcome challenges and conquer the competitive market.

We immerse ourselves in the world of your business to understand it intimately, and then we do all the heavy lifting for your content strategy, creation, and management. When we start a new partnership with client, the process typically looks something like this:

  • Phase I: Inspiration
    Research + Insights

    We work with you and conduct research so we can understand your business, brand, audience, competition and sector inside-out to reveal insights and identity opportunities.

  • Phase II: Ideation
    Strategy + Creative

    We build upon the research insights to develop a comprehensive digital content strategy to guide the creation, distribution and management of content – along with creative ideas.

  • Phase III: Execution
    Production + Distribution

    Throughout our partnership, we coordinate, produce and deliver your creative content and prepare it for distribution through your digital channels.

  • Phase IV: Management
    Engagement + Optimization

    We schedule, monitor, and manage your content through the designated social media platforms and digital channels and continually evaluate to optimize the efforts.

We believe that good work should never be easy, but always make things easier for our partners.

That’s why you only have to deal with one point of content – your account manager – and also  get access to our full creative team (strategists, project managers, copywriters, videographers, photographers, animators, editors, web developers, and social media managers).

There are dozens of agencies to choose from. Why should I partner with Prolex Media?

Prolex was totally different. They sat down with me and they heard the vision, and the results we got are exactly what we wanted. They delivered a product that was out of this world.
- Obby Khan | Owner, GoodLocal

There are many different types of agencies you can work with for different purposes. Like we’ve said before, the key focus for Prolex Media is creative content marketing, and the key word here is partner

Strategic content is a long-term game. That’s why we only partner with brands we believe in and  commi

There are also media production companies and social media marketing agencies.

The difference with Prolex Media is that our unique model is half marketing agency, half media production house, and 100% partner-dedicated.

If you’re looking for branding, print design, or large traditional advertising campaigns – there are a number of agencies that we’d be happy to recommend you to.

That means that the same team who researches, strategizes, and

What’s it like working with Prolex Media?

They have never failed to wow us. Very creative, professional and easy to work with. They are truly passionate at what they do and always go above and beyond.
- Carol Poon | Marketing Coordinator, Audi Winnipeg

Working with Prolex Media is fun, exciting, and rewarding – that’s the nature of what we do best! If you’ve ever felt the deep satisfaction from a good idea, that’s the feeling we strive to maintain through our work.

At Prolex Media, we believe that our abilities allow us to do things – and attitude drives us to do great things. That’s why we bring enthusiastic energy to every project – and it will be contagious.

We always explore creative solutions for you with curious, open minds. Marketing is both an art and a science that fascinates us and inspires us to always look for fresh ideas.

We help fulfill your brand’s creative vision by all means necessary. We innovate using technology and techniques and use unconventional methods to solve problems if called for.

I can hire a freelancer to do everything for me. Why should I work with an agency?

[agitate the downfall of working with a freelancer, correct the perception of high price tag by explaining the value - i.e., it’s more expensive in the long run to buy low priced services. Also refer back to the cost question. Could also be framed as “How much does it cost to NOT partner with Prolex Media?]

How do I know you’re good at what you do?

The quality of our content shows for itself. But don’t take it from us – our partners say it best:

They can take a tiny idea and absolutely run with it creating some outstanding work! I found the quality of work to be sensational.
- Katie Cruickshank | Marketing Manager, Go Auto Edmonton

We are recognized at the top of our industry as a result of the branding and identity we’ve established through Prolex.
- Nigel Furgus | President / CEO, Paragon Living

Prolex Media will take your business to the next level. They demonstrate innovation, creativity, professionalism and most important, PASSION in their work.
- Robyn Okaja | General Manager, Audi Winnipeg