Introducing the New iPhone 13 Pro Cinematic Mode

What’s all the Buzz About?!

November 17, 2021
Product Review
Video Production

The new generation iPhone 13 Pro has launched and it has created quite the stir of excitement amongst consumers and Apple fanatics alike. What follows will be a discussion surrounding the exciting new feature; Cinematic Mode!

If you invest into Apple products for the “wow” factor of new features, you’re in for a treat with this one! The new iPhone 13 Pro has introduced the newest of Apple’s creations; the Cinematic mode! 

That footage that one can capture with this new feature is astonishing and has created quite the buzz in the tech community. So, what is cinematic mode, exactly? In what follows, you’ll soon find out!

What is Cinematic Mode?

This new video option allows users to capture video like never before, functioning through advanced algorithms and, of course, the A15 Bionic Chip. 

By bringing a new depth-of-field never yet experienced in any previous generations of the Apple iPhone, users can now take videos in a quality similar to that of portrait mode for pictures. While the quality is still not perfect, it’s the best we’ve ever seen in a mobile devise, hence causing quite the stir of excitement and anticipation.

If you’re a video junky, eager to capture incredibly sharp footage on your new iPhone 13 Pro, you’re likely curious as to the specific benefits you can come to expect from Apple’s Cinematic Mode. If so, keep reading!

The Benefits of Cinematic Mode 

Unlike Apple’s traditional video feature on the iPhone, cinematic mode offers users with benefits, advantages, and elements of high-quality imagery that you wouldn’t otherwise capture.

The following benefits are reasons why there is such a buzz surrounding this innovative new video feature…

Below are the several benefits you can come to expect with iPhone 13 Pro’s Cinematic Mode: 

  • Improved Display 
  • Face Recognition 
  • Automatic Focus 
  • Distinct Background & Foreground Separation 
  • Streamlined Aperture, F-stop, and Depth of Field Adjustment

If you’ve ever struggled with blurry footage, poor focus, or downright low-quality video, cinematic mode might just be for you! While there’s still certainly work to be done on this feature, there’s no denying its credibility comparatively. 

As you can tell, cinematic mode is an extremely innovative tool and feature, especially for those with a passion to bring their video capturing on-the-go. While there are several limitations, most users won’t recognize it to be an issue. Quite the opposite, in fact.

The buzz surrounding the iPhone 13 Pro and it’s exclusive Cinematic Mode is real, and for good reason! If you’re thinking about investing in the iPhone 13 Pro, allow the new cinematic mode to be your wakeup call!

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