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Snow Place Like Home

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On February 12th, I awoke to the perfect snow day. A fluffy powder had fallen through the night and well into the earlier part of the morning - today was the day.

The team and I spent our morning at the office, tentatively checking the view from our office window and judging the road conditions. As the hand on the clock passed noon, the anticipation grew extensively. We couldn’t hide our excitement as the realization hit us - we were actually getting the snow covered pavement we had hoped for.

The week before, while sitting in the same office chairs, we had watched a short video of a snowboarder being towed behind a super car. Inspired by the idea of creating more exciting content for Prolex Media, we jokingly said aloud "we can do this". A few quick text messages later we had a car lined up and a willing snowboarder we could tow behind it - no joke!

On the drive out we noticed the highways were stained from the sand and dirt left behind by previous cars, but as we rolled through the gates of our secret location we were excited to see nice, thick blanket of fresh snow covering the ground.

Now the excitement was really starting to set in - even more so once the rest of the crew began to arrive.

(Jim @jim.m4) braeden gtr pose.png

Our first driver; Shrey, the snowboarder; Braeden, our videographer; Austin, our second driver and photographer: Josh, and the last photographer; Jim.

It was only a handful of days prior that Jordan and I had joked about doing this - yet there we were; surrounded by a group of likeminded enthusiasts, excited to do something a little bit crazy.

As the sun began to set, our window-of-opportunity clock started ticking away. We quickly rigged the tow rope and the two GoPros' to the Nissan GTR and Braeden got himself suited up. Other people visiting the park could tell something was up. Some even decided to stick around to find out what we were doing.

As soon as we got the GTR on the road - and the rope was in Braeden’s hands - we got a couple thumbs up and a couple worried glares from some of our bystanders - and we were off.

(Jim @jim.m4) braeden point.png

The first lap was slow and cautious; more for the drivers to get comfortable. Braeden felt right at home; carving into the thin layer of snow as he held onto the tow rope behind the car. We were ecstatic when we reach the other end of our "course” and everyone was still in one piece. Everything was going smoothly!

By the time we finished the second lap Braeden stopped to let us know how much he appreciated that we were trying to keep him safe by going slower - but he assured us that we could go much faster. So we did. Lap after lap, smoke bomb after smoke bomb. It didn’t seem to matter how fast we went, Braeden was back there shredding it up and having a blast.

This was such a great way to spend a not-so-cold Winnipeg day with weather above -20C. We had a really good time, with awesome people, making something we were all excited about - and we had fun doing it. That is what it's all about.

Check out the video we created that day and share it with your friends! If you have an idea for what we need to try next, send us a message and let us know!