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H E I S T | Photography Hangout #6

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We ain’t got no money in the bank…or the Millennium Centre for that matter.

For our monthly event, we pulled off the stealthiest money heist yet for our Photography Hangout number six! As each month enters, we are always eager to provide something new and exciting for our attendees, and this was the ultimate heist.


For this hangout, we provided the location with lights, fog, and an abundance of product. We had a great turnout of attendees with a variety of skill sets. We wanted our attendees to have the most control about the shots they wanted to curate, allowing them to talk and position the models to create their vision for the set. It was amazing to see the interaction that happened between the photographers and models, each helping to build amazing shots.

We couldn’t have pulled off this event off without the location! The Millennium Centre rented their space out to us; the den, upstairs, and downstairs in the vaults. With three different locations to shoot, it allowed all participants to work with distinct lighting, models, and settings.


We would also like to thank all of our sponsors for this event and for all of the product that they supplied us with; Danali Clothing, Patent 5 Distillery Gin, UN Luggage, Ordnry Clothing and Ontario Optics. Each sponsor helped pull off the heist vibe we were aiming for and our participants really took advantage of showcasing each piece contributed!

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With that, we will leave you with one last idea: Mind over money.

Stay tuned for what’s to come next!

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H E I S T | Photography Hangout #6