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Don't Ditch A Good Idea

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This one was tough(ish). February is the shortest month of the year and we hadn't even started getting this event organized until halfway through the first week of the month. We gave ourselves a little over 3 weeks - TOTAL - to plan; organize; secure sponsoring vendors, models and a venue; and pull together a mock wedding photography event. You might be asking; why on earth would you do that? Well, because Valentine's day happens in February (love being the theme of this months event) and I just really like to challenge myself and the team - that’s what betters us.

For the last event we hosted in January; we had a total of one sponsor, a few models, and a really cool (and cold) venue. It went really well so we knew we'd have to top it this time around. Sure enough we secured a total of 8 sponsoring vendors; had a total of 6 beautiful & handsome models; and one incredibly spacious venue. We also managed to nearly double our attendance this month.


I have to mention how grateful I am to have such an incredible team of people by my side - Jordan and Ainsley literally took care of everything that needed to be taken care of while I was away. I arrived back in the city the night before the event and wasn't surprised at all to find that everything was running smoothly and things were falling into place perfectly. "Teamwork makes the dream work" - A common caption among half of the entrepreneurs I see on Instagram

We had never done anything of this caliber before - and certainly not in this style - so I won't pretend it wasn't a challenge. However, I am happy to say that it really was a great turn out and an even better evening overall. Jordan took care of all of the evening's equipment needs; like making sure there was a lighting setup at each station - and Ainsley made sure to keep everything organized and on schedule; also making sure we had an array of delicious snacks throughout the evening.


My sister-in-law; Kate Stretslov, owner of Limestar Photography, joined us as a guest speaker and coach for the evening. Giving tips, tricks and helpful pointers to anyone who needed it - her 6+ years of experience as a wedding photographer really came in handy!

I am so thankful to everyone who came out to support us that evening, it truly was a blast to see everyone having fun and enjoying each other's company!


I'd personally like to thank Singletons Hair Co. (on Market Ave. in Winnipeg, MB) for providing the amazing stylists that did our model's wedding hair as well as allowing us to use their space as the event venue; AnnaLang Bridal and Eph Apparel for lending the incredibly beautiful and luxurious outfits that were truly a highlight to the evening; Academy Florist for providing such beautiful bouquets for each of our 3 styles; UrbnBlossom for building a mind-blowing flower wall for the evening; StephanieAnneCakes for making a real wedding cake (complete with gold leaf foil and a few flowers from our bouquets) as one of our (seriously delicious) props; Planned Perfectly for providing the gorgeous linens and a backdrop for one of our stations; and Becky Kolt Makeup Artist for making our brides photo-ready!


Lastly, I want to thank you. To every person who was able to join our evening of photography fun - and to those who wanted to but couldn't make it - thank you! We create these events for YOU - and we're so glad you could be there to enjoy it.

If you have a suggestion for a fun future event, or to sign up to be one of the first to hear about what's coming up next; send us an email to and let us know! My goal is to make each month better than the last (somehow) - and that is mostly made possible by YOU!

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