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Create Together | Photography Hangout #5

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This month, we hosted our 5th monthly photography hangout! Changing things up again we ended up taking some suggestions from our previous attendees and hosted a relaxed photo edit night. We told our attendees to bring with them some items that they could challenge themselves to shoot and then we would end the night editing.

This was a fun change of pace. In the past, our events have been 100% photo-centric, with little time to talk, mingle, and share. It was nice to spend some time getting to know everyone, sharing tips, and learning from one another!


The best part about this event was seeing just how much people collaborated on ideas. helping each other hold lights, set up props, and even building sets together to create an image.

Huge Thank you to Tim and his sister, the owners of Maison Du Saigon, for letting us use their space to host this event. It’s not only a great place to grab a coffee, relax, and study; Maison Du Saigon embodies exactly what we try to do with these events and that is: Create Together. They make everything there out recycled materials and hope to create a destination for creatives to come do what they do best. Thank you guys soo much!

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Create Together | Photography Hangout #5