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At this R8, we'll be Audi here in no time.

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It’s funny looking back now, to a mere 5 months ago, where we had an idea for photography events and decided to just roll with it and see what happens. Having just hosted our 4th monthly event, it’s fun to look back on the content, memories, and new friends we’ve made since this idea seed was first planted. Our goal for each of these events is to give photographers the opportunity to shoot things they may not normally have access to; so for the 4th Prolex Photography Hangout we teamed up with Audi Winnipeg to host a Car Photography tour around Winnipeg.

We picked up the two Audi Q7s the night before the event and let them spend the night at Alex’s place (sleepover!). It was a full house but it was worth it to have the early start. With the sun settling into the sky, we met with our attendees at Starbucks on Kenaston to get the day started. As they arrived we had them sign some waivers because working with motor vehicles does have a hint of danger. Only just enough danger to make it fun. We chatted over coffees while we waited for the last few to arrive - giving our first hint at a surprise guest vehicle arriving later in the day. the murmurs began and we could tell people were taking the bait.

After loading ourselves into the two Q7s and heading off to our first location, I rifled through some photography trivia in my car while Alex and Patrick disappeared in the traffic in front of me. Slow and steady wins the race! Not in this case however, they dusted me.


Our first location was the rustic warehouse on Galt ave at Waterfront. Red brick walls and large tattered teal bay doors gave it a run down industrial look and feel. This backdrop is popular for photos here in Winnipeg and we’ve used it on several different occasions for car photography in the past, but we simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use it this time. We gave our attending photographers some of the car photography tips that we use on a daily basis and let them loose on the two Q7s. It was nice to see everyone getting the hang of it, but it was finally time for our big reveal.

Alex suggested I show everyone how to capture panning shots of the vehicles in motion while he drove one of the SUVs back and forth to let them practice. We did this a couple of times until Alex disappeared around a corner at the end of the street. A few moments passed and he finally returned, only now our good friend Shrey was close behind in pursuit. His incredibly stunning digital camo wrapped Audi R8 got exactly the reaction we had been hoping for. The entire group of 10 photographers ooo’d and ahh’d and continued to fire away as Shrey rolled his Audi R8 through the street.


Once the hype settled a bit, we took them to the next location; which has been affectionately named the UFO. An open parking area which sits just below street level, partially shaded by the large circular condo complex on stilts that sits above it. The leading lines and darkness in the shadows allowed us to play with some really great contrast in the lighting and create some incredible photos.


A few revs of the R8’s V10 and we were on our way to the next location.
We hit a couple of locations near the train yards then decided it was time to break for lunch. We headed down to the Forks so everyone could decide on their own choice of food and drink. Some of us were lucky enough to grab a table together and chat over lunch. Main takeaways from lunchtime conversation; Get, but also don’t get, Lasic eye surgery. Once we had fuelled our bodies up enough, we piled back into the Q7s and made our way down to our first destination of the afternoon. I can’t speak for Alex but I personally think I did a rather great job of up-selling some of my favourite features; heated steering wheel, sounds system, 4-zone climate control, etc.
The owners of Maric Homes let us shoot at their offices which were a luxurious contrast to our gritty urban locations from the morning. We were able to pose the vehicles a few different ways and even included Alex as our model for a few images. While it may not have been the most exciting backdrop to shoot in the moment, it certainly is a beautiful building and fits the look for the vehicles very well - making for more commercial-esque photos.


Our last location was at Assiniboine Park, to practice a few more panning shots. We had everyone shoot from one side of the street at a time while Alex and Patrick drove the two Q7s back and forth. Right as we decided to call it quits one of our attendees (Spencer) showed us his memory card was full - so we’ll call that perfect timing.
We ended the night at the Canadian Brewhouse, with an open invite to anyone who wanted to join. It was a great way to end the evening with some wonderful like-minded people and our new friends!

At this R8, we'll be Audi here in no time.